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Redbornstoke Morris 1976 – 2018

Redbornstoke Morris was a men’s side based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.  The side was formed in 1976, dancing in and around Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas and also travelled further afield to a number of festivals and Days of Dance over the years and included trips abroad.


Redbornstoke Morris specialised in their own dance traditions in a Cotswold style in the summer months, dancing in whites; but in winter they performed their own amalgam of border and molly, which was danced in black.

This website contains: historical information on the side; information on our dance traditions, with videos, dance notations, and music; and extracts from the side Logs from our beginnings in 1976 to our final Toddington Tour in 2018 when we retired from dancing. 

After celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2016 the side reluctantly decided to fold in 2018 as most of the members were 'getting on a bit', with only the Squire, Jamie, being younger than sixty, and, as there had been no response to appeals for new, younger members. 


Redbornstoke Morris men took their final bow on the Toddington Tour, held on July 12th 2018. 

Please use our Contact Form if you want to get in touch with Redbornstoke Morris.

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