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Right from the beginning of the side in 1976, Redbornstoke Morris kept a Log of its activities.  These logs were A1 size folios in which were put. photos, programmes and other memorabilia from the Redbornstoke Morris' dance-outs and other events.   The Logs would be brought out for general perusal at Redbornstoke Morris' Weekends of Dance, Ales, and the like.  The log gradually became digital between 2005 and 2015 with the last three years (2016/18) being totally digital. 

Chas Leslie has put in a sterling effort and digitised all the Logs, and the Logs themselves are now stored in the The Bedfordshire County Archive.   The catalogue reference is Z1713.  HIghlights from the Logs can be seen on this page, and the Side are considering how best to make the full digitised Logs available on-line.

Redbornstoke Morris would like to thank the following people in particular for their photo contributions to the Log (those marked* are also Redbornstoke members): Adrian Williams*, Asan Tu, C P Sharp, Chas Leslie*, J D Sharp, John Eagling*, Liz Stokes, Lynn Brooks, Rob Shearing, Rowan Leslie.

Note: Despite the Flickr attribution, these photos were taken by various people as noted above, not by Taz - it's just that they've been uploaded to Flickr by him. 

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