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List of side officers over the years. 

Click here for list of all side members over the years

The Fool

From time to time, Redbornstoke Morris also had a Fool, although dropped this role in later years.  Those who fulfilled this role over the years were (in surname alphabetical order) Dave Goode, Jerry Griffiths, Roger Hopkins, Brian Mander, and John Warren.  There is a picture of Jerry Griffiths in the Fool's Smock on the Artefacts page


List of side members over the years 

David Adcock (Deceased)

Jon Adcock

Mike Arkley

Martin Banks

Ron Beckett

John Bicknell

Rowan Brown

Martin Butler

John Clifford (Deceased)

Ian Cropton

John Eagling

Dave Edwards

Jamie Fennell

Harry Frost

Jim Gent (Deceased)

Mike Gibson

Dave Goode

Barry Goodman

Jim Grennell

Jeremy Griffiths (Deceased)

Fred Grosvenor

Andy Hack

Mark Haines

Roger Hamer

Paul Harbottle

Ray Harris

Andrew Hogg

Roger Hopkins

Chris Johns

Bill Jones

Pete Langley

Charles Leslie

Greg Lindsay

Gareth (Gruff) Lyne

John Maddan

Brian Mander

Dave McKeggie

Stuart McKeggie

Paul (Thug) Milner

Bill Naylor

Jim Neal

Mike O'Connor

Michael Page

John Page

Chris Pearce

Rob Penman

Phil Perlin

Stan Pitt-Simkus

Bob Raikes

Eric Ramsay

Damon Rowley (Deceased)

Jeremy  Rowley

Paul Scourfield

Brian Scowcroft

Rik Stokes

Taz Tarry

Dennis Taylor

John Thomas (Deceased)

Mike Turner

Cliff Uney

Owen Uney

Dave Verny

Bobby Walden

Daniel Walton

Peter Ward

John Warren

Mick White

Dave White (Deceased)

Adrian Williams

John Wood

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