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Redbornstoke Morris Artefacts

This page details a number of artefacts acquired over the years and held dear by Redbornstoke Morris.  The artefacts themselves are now held in The Higgins Museum, Bedford.

The Squire’s Tankard

The pewter tankard was presented to each successive Squire when they took up their office following the dancing on Plough Monday.  It is inscribed with the names of all the squires and their year of appointment.

Redbornstoke Morris Squires tankard
Redbornstoke Morris Squires tankard side

The Quaich

The Quaich was presented by Cliff Uney, an ex-member of the side, to mark the 30th anniversary of the side.  Inside is the inscription Grace & Dignity which became a side motto after it was used by an MC at Chippenham Folk Festival to describe their dancing.

Redbornstoke Morris Quaich front
Redbornstoke Morris Quaich back

 “Tommy Tippee”

Presented to the team by Bedfordshire Lace Morris at the 25th Anniversary. When the team was away for the weekend we would finish the evening’s drinking etc by filling it with spirits (whatever we had brought with us) and passing it around.  Cliff Uney wrote a song for it.



Cliff Uney        Tune: A Miner’s Life


First you practise all the winter

Try to make your dance progress

Content, style and innovation

Foreman says there’s no finesse

Looking forward to the summer

Dancing morning, noon and night

Meeting old friends, making new ones

Join the circle, keep it tight


Round and round goes Tommee Tippee

Have courage, drink with us tonight

Meeting old friends, making new ones

Join the circle, keep if tight


Know one knows what they put in it

Though it all tastes just the same.

Just be sure you don’t go near it

If you hold a naked flame.

In the morning you’ll regret it

But just now, it feels alright.

Meeting old friends making new ones

Join the circle, keep it tight

Whiskey, gin or Brasso polish

Apple schnapps or Slivovitz

Mescal spirit with the worm in

Guaranteed to dull your wits

Stronger stuff that rots your brain cells

Helps the evening go just right

Meeting old friends, making new ones

Join the circle, keep it tight.


Redbornstoke ask you to join us

As we pass Tom Tippee round

Sing with us, join in the chorus

Help us make a joyful sound

Take a sip from Tommee Tippee

Pass him leftwards, never right

Meeting old friends making new ones

Join the circle, keep it tight

40th Anniversary Mug

The 40th Anniversary was celebrated as a joint event with Oyster Morris, from Whitstable in Kent. As part of Oyster Morris's contribution everyone attending the weekend was given one of these mugs. It has the logos of both teams and the names of the other Morris teams attending.

The Fool's Smock

The Fool's Smock was made in circa 1978 for Jerry Griffiths, who danced as The Fool in the early years of Redbornstoke Morris (until circa 1985).  It is believed to have been made by Olga Page and has the Redbornstoke badge embroidered on the shoulders.

Brian Mander (for a long time Foreman of the side) commented: As far as I’m aware Jeremy Griffiths was the first Redbornstoker to pass away (in 1991). Jerry was a lovely man, thoughtful and intelligent and had fooled brilliantly for the side. 

Brian later devised the dance 'The Motley Cap' in Jerry’s memory.

Jerry Griffiths in the Fools Smock.jpg
Fool's Smock

Jerry Griffiths wearing the smock at a Redbornstoke Morris event in 1980.

(Photo from the Redbornstoke Log)

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