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Redbornstoke Morris' Kit over the years

First dance out 1976.jpg

For the first few years the kit was white with black shoes, red & black baldricks with a rosette front and back.  Some of the team also wore a straw tricorne hat


Photo is of the first dance out by Redbornstoke Morris

Green britches kit.jpg
Ant Colour.jpg



A new kit was adopted with green britches, red socks, green/red/black arm ribbons and the Redbornstoke badge (based on the badge of Redborne School in Ampthill where the side practiced.





And the distinctive Ant badge on the back (Ampthill is said to be a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word for Anthill).


The bell pads had large bells on one and small bells on the other giving a distinctive sound when walking.

Redbornstoke Colour.jpg
lAST KIT.jpg

Photo from the final dance out – the Toddington Tour 12 July 2018



Coinciding with the 10th Anniversary the team reverted to whites, including white belt and shoes.  The red/green/black arm ribbons were retained.


The ribbons on the bell pads also becomes red/green/black.


This remained the outfit until the team stopped dancing in 2018

Mixture of kit.jpg

Photo from 1986 showing the transition with members in different elements of the “old” and “new” kit.

Winter kit
First Molly.jpg

Until 1995 Redbornstoke Morris did the same dances and wore the same outfit for both Summer and Winter events.  In that year the decision was taken to try Molly dancing for the few winter events such as Plough Monday.


The kit was simply warm casual clothes with a sash decorated with ribbons.

First Marston team 1998.jpg

The team for the first “Marston” performance at the Hitchin Christmas Fair in 1998.

Marston kit 2007.jpg

In 1998 a special set of winter dances was created (The Marston Tradition) and a black outfit was adopted as the “winter kit” – to contrast with the White “summer outfit”.  Initially “summer” bell pads and arm ribbons were worn but a more distinctive look quickly developed


This consisted of black shoes, trousers, shirt and waistcoat with red/white/green ribbons from the shoulder; a single row of bells on a strap around the shins (again large bells on the left and smaller ones on the right) with a set of ribbons on the outside.


Later black gloves and headwear were also added. By 2007 our headwear had settled to be brimmed hats decorated with greenery (ivy, holly and whatever else we could get hold of).


This remained the “winter kit” until the team stopped in 2018.  The last appearance in this kit was on Plough Monday (the Monday following 12th Night) 2017.

Outside the Cross keys, Pulloxhill, Plough Monday 2007

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